PSR-295 MIDI reinstall

Posted by: Kenneth Gundersen

PSR-295 MIDI reinstall - 04/22/07 12:58 AM

I have installed the MIDI driver to my PC, but something must have failed because when I connect the PSR-295 nothing happens. Anyone know how I can reinstall the driver to my PC?

Edit: I uninstalled the driver and reinstalled it. Still it doesn't work . Because of this I can't get the "Musicsoft Downloader" software to work.

Any ideas? Maybe I can download a newer driver, instead of using the driver inside Windows XP?

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Posted by: Nigel

Re: PSR-295 MIDI reinstall - 04/22/07 06:35 PM

It's hard to know quite where the problem lies Kenneth. I'm guessing the driver you installed is the one that came with your MIDI interface. What sort of MIDI interface are you using? Have you ever had it working?