Unlocking the TG300 in Cubase?

Posted by: Anonymous

Unlocking the TG300 in Cubase? - 09/21/00 01:33 AM

Hi, I'm new to the computer music scene and I was wondering if anyone can help me with a problem that I have. I have a Yamaha SW60XG soundcard, which as you know has the QS300 Synth build in on a chip. I understand that this is also known as the TG300 synthset but I would like to know how I can get Cubase VST Audio 3.5 to 'see' the patches so that I'm not forced to use the standard XG sounds. I've been playing around with XG-Gold and I really want to use the QS/TG300 sounds in Cubase, but don't know how to do it... Any suggestions?
Posted by: DMC

Re: Unlocking the TG300 in Cubase? - 09/21/00 04:40 AM

Go to the Yamaha site(the UK one is the best for this) and download the Hubi's Loopback software(freeware). It will allow you to run XG Gold or XG Wizard or my favorite XGEdit along side of Cubase. You do all your midi editing in your xg editor and dump the info into cubase.