FS1R bank setting

Posted by: Anonymous

FS1R bank setting - 01/07/99 10:41 AM

I just buy myself the FS1R sound module and I am looking for the .INS file that contains the patch names of the 15 banks within the module. This will help me to build my setting on cakewalk sequencing software. Does anyone knows where I can find this file? Thanks
Posted by: Anonymous

Re: FS1R bank setting - 01/10/99 11:55 PM

have you tried the suppport on the yamaha.co.uk site

also, at teklab.com there's a fss-list (I don't know if it's already very valuable)
Posted by: Alex2

Re: FS1R bank setting - 01/11/99 03:47 PM

Cool, GL ! I bought on the same day as you also the FS1R. It sounds very nice but i have to study yet deeper it's edit functions.
I was (and am) also looking around for the .INS file for Cakewalk. The url for the editor that TOM gave is unfortunatly one for APPLE-puters.Too bad !!!!
I haven't seen yet software made for the FS1R on the net, but if you know an adress somewhere feel free to email me :-)
Posted by: Billious

Re: FS1R bank setting - 02/14/99 05:55 PM

Apparently Emagic's SoundDiver will have an FS1R module in about a month.

I'll be getting an FS1R in a few weeks and, using SoundDiver and Logic Audio, I'll be able to get the names out of the synth and into a text file. Will that be of any assistance to you?