9000Pro/PSR2000 HELP

Posted by: Richard Peck

9000Pro/PSR2000 HELP - 01/02/02 08:14 PM

I'm looking for anyone in Arizona that may be familiar with the 9000PRO and the PSR2000. I'm trying to transfer some registration (panel) settings from my 9000 to the 2000. So far I can't even figure out saving settings on the 2000 much less making a transfer. I think the manuals were written by demented Microsoft manual writers. Any help will be appreciated.

In the wild west - Tucson, Az
Posted by: Uncle Dave

Re: 9000Pro/PSR2000 HELP - 01/03/02 12:18 AM

I own both models, and I'm not sure, but I don't think you can transfer the registrations. I seem to remember a proprietary feature, or something like that.
On the 2k - remember ... you need to write a folder FIRST before you load 8 custom registrations into it. Confusing at first, but you'll get it.