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NEW CVP CLAVINOVAS - 07/09/99 02:49 PM

The Clavinova CVP 92/94/96/98 line has been recently upgraded to the CVP 103/105/107/109 line, but the is no information abut it on the official Yamaha sites, although this new products are being offered by some dealers for July shipment.
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Re: NEW CVP CLAVINOVAS - 08/28/99 09:09 AM

Hi There!

If you go to the site below and select Clavinova Digital piano - you will find the answers you are looking for.

Another site:

Have fun!

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Re: NEW CVP CLAVINOVAS - 04/18/00 11:23 AM

Ask me if you want THE TRUTH about the new CVP's.
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Re: NEW CVP CLAVINOVAS - 01/18/13 10:05 AM

Yes, I want the trouth.