QY-10 HELP!!!

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QY-10 HELP!!! - 01/07/99 12:35 PM

Okay - So I thought I would be smart and save a few bucks. I am the proud (?) new owner of a QY-10 (I bought it at a pawn shop for $50 did I get ripped?) I read the manual, hooked it up to our PA system and it plays the demo and sounds wonderful. Now how do I get the MIDI files from my computer to the QY-10??? I bought what the man said was a MIDI interface cable from our local music store (One of 2 by the way - not much local help available) but I have no place to plug in on the PC! Can I do this? Or do I have a wonderful QY-10 for sale?
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Re: QY-10 HELP!!! - 01/20/99 10:00 AM

You got a great deal on your QY 10 purchase but perhaps mislead by your midi interface cable salesman. If your computer has a sound card you should be able to plug the midi cables into it. Otherwise you will need to consider getting a conversion box such as a Portman which allows the use of your serial or parallel port. at least you have a manual! I amwaiting until tax time to see if I have enough money to buy a new PC with a sound card before I spring for an interface box($80). Post here if you have more questions