9000 Pro Recording into Multi-Pads ?

Posted by: Graham UK

9000 Pro Recording into Multi-Pads ? - 02/17/02 02:25 PM

9000 Pro Recording into Multi Pads....
Question-1. Recording into the Multi Pads, can this be done by setting Midi Clock Out on the 9000 & Syncing to the PC to record a 4 bar Riff record in Cmaj7 from a Sequencer?.
Question-2. Can the same Riff be loaded or recorded into the 9000's onboard sequence and then transferred to a Multi-Pad?.

Its my early days using a 9000 Pro and I would like to find as much about it as possible. The Manual tells you about the facilities but does not tell you with examples how to do things.
My Roland Manual is much more helpful and instructive.

Thank you Graham UK

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Posted by: Graham UK

Re: 9000 Pro Recording into Multi-Pads ? - 02/25/02 03:29 AM

As I have not had a response to the questions above I have managed to provide my own answers. These may be of benefit to other 9000 users.
We were experimenting last night. Create a Solo Improvisation in BIAB ( Say In Bossa) We did 16 bars. Set 9000 to Midiclock Out and open up Multipad Create. Set Pad Channel Record to Channel 8, this is the default out put for the Solo on BIAB. Start BIAB on PC which will start the 9000 recording for the 16 bars into the selected pad. You now have a nice 16 bar Solo Improvisation by pressing the appropriate pad button to play along with your live melody.

Remember for playback to set the pad to LOOP & CHORD.

Graham UK
Posted by: JonPro

Re: 9000 Pro Recording into Multi-Pads ? - 02/25/02 04:58 PM

Thanks Graham. I have been using my 9000PRO for about seven months and have just started (last weekend) to look at developing multipads. Your posting will be most helpful. I hope that I can reciprocate in the near future.