DJX and Cakewalk

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DJX and Cakewalk - 05/09/00 12:22 PM

Alright, I have gone through these messages and posts looking for the help that I need to get this all set-up and working. I have it set-up and I can record into Cakewalk Pro Audio 9, but am having trouble manipulating all of the settings to get it to sound right. What I need is someone with some patience to explain to me how to set the ports/banks/patch/etc so that I can choose which sound I want as well as how to record correctly. I greatly appreciate the time that anyone takes to read this and hopefully someone that has a clue about this stuff can help out this here Cakewalk/DJX newbie, thanks alot...
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Re: DJX and Cakewalk - 05/09/00 08:35 PM

Man, you have been missing out buddy. Get it all right here at
Its the greatest, automatically sets up voices for you, sets up all the contolable funtions of the keyboard (cut-off, resonance, dsp, reverb, chorus, pb for track, fine tune for track, corse tune for track, mod, sustain, attack, release, all of it!!!
If you want to hear the djx in action, visit my webapage at All of it is made with the DJX as the primary instrument (cause I'm broke! ).

-ice trey