DX7-2D instruction manual?

Posted by: Anonymous

DX7-2D instruction manual? - 08/16/01 12:30 AM

has anyone got an instruction manual for the FM-Synthesiser Yamaha DX7-2D?I have an old one but unfortunatly it didn't come with an instruction manual.I've never used FM synths before,although I am familiar with subtractive synthesis.Could someone help me out?

Posted by: Mgomes

Re: DX7-2D instruction manual? - 08/16/01 09:20 AM

hello, phatcat

Go to Yamaha website at www.yamahasynth.com
YouŽll find the manual you want in Acrobat format to download.

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Re: DX7-2D instruction manual? - 08/19/01 02:17 AM

arrg!I just ordered a hard copy from yamaha for 13 quid!!

thanx anyway tho,