Yamaha DX7II Cartridges

Posted by: DJWhite

Yamaha DX7II Cartridges - 11/29/05 07:08 AM


I have picked up a DX7II cartridge called an SXIID Storagemaster. I understand it stores 640 sounds.

Anyway, what I'd like to know is is this cartridge an eeprom or does it use a battery? If so, what size battery?
Posted by: Nigel

Re: Yamaha DX7II Cartridges - 11/29/05 10:37 PM

Sorry I haven't heard of this card before. If is a read only card then it will be EPROM. But if you can write to it then it'll need a battery. If it's not working at all then I'm guessing they are battery backed patches because an EPROM based card should still be reading OK.

I guess the thing to do would be open it and see if there is a battery inside and then try to identify it.

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Posted by: DJWhite

Re: Yamaha DX7II Cartridges - 11/30/05 01:52 AM

The only reason I asked is because another DX7II RAM cartridge, the SupraRAM II also works without a battery.