1st sampler for live - Advise

Posted by: keymann

1st sampler for live - Advise - 02/20/01 03:34 PM

Dear fellow members:

Please help me to make a decision which sampler to buy.

I'm a gigging musician. The style is Techno; POP; Rock 'n roll. My current set-up is a Roland A-70 controlling a 01rw & a JV2080. I'm looking for a sampler to add more sound palletes, in matter of fact, my own material since the existed modules I owned are the Romplers. I have my eyes set on the Yamaha A5000 due to its full fled features and the stuff they come with ( 9 CD ROM's; build in FX; Nice filter). I can spend up to 2 grand but prefer less of course.

I would like to ask eveybody's opinion about my choice or, any other choice that will fit my situation better.

Best wishes,
Posted by: Vquestor

Re: 1st sampler for live - Advise - 03/22/01 12:26 PM

For very small money, check out my
Casio FZ10M rack mounted sampler in the "Wanted to Buy and Sell" Forum.
The unit is mint condition, and I
am the original owner. It has a very large
display to edit samples (so a computer is not
necessary). For under $10.00, you could build a cable to connect it to a PC's
parallel port which would allow loading (and
saving) of samples to the PC.
It has 2MB sample RAM which can be divided
ANY WAY you like (up to 64 samples); and you could have one sample such as a groove use the entire sample memory if you wish.
The large display and full features are
not found in the current crop of low cost
samplers on the market.
Posted by: Chronos

Re: 1st sampler for live - Advise - 03/30/01 10:33 AM

you can never go wrong with an Akai sampler. The S5000, and S6000 are real nice, but you can get an S3000 for cheap, and it would be soild for live shows.