Posted by: optinone

A4000 - 11/08/01 10:54 AM

Who agrees or disagrees that the A4000/5000 rocks!
Posted by: Xenox.AFL

Re: A4000 - 01/17/02 11:33 PM

Well, there are some things from booth of the which really rocks, the A4000 has one of the best filters I ever heard, you can use IDE or SCSI HardDrives, you can expand to 64mb of memory (or was it 128? argh)!... This all rocks! The bad thing is the speed, the sampler is slow, very slow..
Posted by: optinone

Re: A4000 - 02/05/02 10:09 AM

I put a zip drive on mine and its fast as hell now. I can import huge amounts of wave files in less than a minute. turn the "play and load" feature off, its under the disk commands menu. I think that'll make it alot faster. However, if your using the HDD, nothing will make that faster.