kn 2600 card

Posted by: Thomas770

kn 2600 card - 07/30/17 12:34 PM

hallo everybody

i got a problem with my kn 2600 if i put something on my card keyboard

says empty files but on my pc it shows the stuff i put on it is there

somone could help thanks anyway

Posted by: RMepstead

Re: kn 2600 card - 07/31/17 01:42 PM

Hi Thomas
What type of file is it that you have put on your SD Card?
How have you loaded it onto your SD Card?
Posted by: The Saint

Re: kn 2600 card - 07/31/17 04:30 PM

Hi Thomas, that has happened to me with floppies, I then formatted the floppy and started again. (not a solution, but you are in good company)!!!