Faluty LCD Kn6500 Screen

Posted by: bruno123

Faluty LCD Kn6500 Screen - 03/04/17 04:42 AM

My friend has a Kn6500, the LCD screen is going. It is getting dimmer with a mark in the center of the screen.

My questions:
1-I do not see a video output on the Kn6500, is there possible to add one.
2-What is the cost of adding a LCD screen if available
3-Are there any options.
I know this is a topic that has been gone over many times, but I am trying to help a 83 year old keep his music going. He loves to create technics midis.

Help much appreciated, John C.
Posted by: RMepstead

Re: Faluty LCD Kn6500 Screen - 03/05/17 08:16 AM

www.wdgreenhill.com is the only stockist I know of concerning Technics keyboards. The KN6500 must be around 20 years out of production so spares might not be available any more John C.
Posted by: Bill Norrie

Re: Faluty LCD Kn6500 Screen - 03/05/17 06:32 PM

There is a complete KN6500 display module available Here :


This is the UK eBay website but I can see the same item on the US eBay website...


The item is in the US... Bit Pricy.....

I believe the KN7000 was the first to add a Video Output connection, and it doesn't produce very good results... See thread ref. KN7000 faulty screen....
Posted by: bruno123

Re: Faluty LCD Kn6500 Screen - 03/07/17 05:10 AM

Bill, Roger, thank you. it's nice to look at familiar faces. The good old days were really good.

John C.