Kn7000 for sale

Posted by: bruno123

Kn7000 for sale - 10/15/16 03:44 AM

Technics Kn7000 for sale.

Great conditionManual, Four switch pedal, Volume pedal.
Getting the most of your Kn7000. (book)
Original Disk, Two SD disks. Loaded, Carrying bag.
Asking $1,100 Pick it up in Florida

John C. (Bruno123) Synthzone
Posted by: bruno123

Re: Kn7000 for sale - 02/20/17 02:47 AM

My Kn700 was sold to a lovely lady of 93 who lives in Marco Island. When her daughter called me I was taken back by what she was doing for her mother. Making calls and was going to make a 350 mile trip to pick up the keyboard. I offered to deliver the keyboard. She called back the next day and said you’re older than I am; I coming to pick up the keyboard.

Well she came to pick up the keyboard and I made a very nice friend.

It does not end here. Her Mom is a positive, lively, woman. I am going to visit her and help her get to become familiar with the Kn7. She has called me four times; she’s delightful.

John C.
Posted by: katrina

Re: Kn7000 for sale - 04/27/17 03:48 PM

But John! Are you really leaving the KN7000 behind ! I can't believe it! And Roger Mepstead has sold his too! Or do you have another one?
Posted by: RMepstead

Re: Kn7000 for sale - 04/28/17 01:06 PM

Roger has another not worry Katrina. Roger also has a wonderful Korg microarranger Liverpool which has over 60 Beatles style files on it enabling me to set up an all female Beatles Tribute group. Much thanks here also to Bill (Willum) up there in Harrogate who unbeknowns to him inspired me.
Posted by: Bill Norrie

Re: Kn7000 for sale - 04/29/17 06:20 AM

Thanks for the 'Plug' Rog - By the way, I'm not in Harrogate... Richmond North Yorkshire is my home LOL!!
Posted by: RMepstead

Re: Kn7000 for sale - 04/30/17 09:17 AM

Oh yes - sorry Bill...memory's going...