New Arrangement

Posted by: larry gosmeyer

New Arrangement - 10/13/16 04:03 PM

I tried to install two downloading files of my new arrangement "I'll Walk Alone" but the files were not accepted as saying they are over 2GB.

The WMA version is 624 KB and the ZIP version is 68 KB.

What can I do to solve this problem?

Larry Gosmeyer
Posted by: kitkat

Re: New Arrangement - 10/13/16 09:57 PM

Larry, you most likely have them in .wav file, which is huge. Your songs need to be compressed into an mp3 file. There are free programs that have many music formats.

Posted by: abacus

Re: New Arrangement - 10/14/16 02:15 AM

If you wish to preserve all the sound quality but in a smaller file size, convert to FLAC, as this is a lossless format.

If you want a smaller file size, use mp3, and choose a 320K bit rate for maximum quality or 192K for decent quality. (NOTE: while mp3 is a lossy format, if you use the higher bit rate, you will need a really top notch system to hear any difference)

If you intend to archive the files, always use a lossless format.

Here are some converters free

Hope this helps