SD Card

Posted by: hbinfo2001

SD Card - 06/09/16 01:56 PM

Hi,I try to copy a sd card to a folder in the pc but no luck
the autorun will not copy
I just want to back up my sd card in case
Thanks in advance
Posted by: The Saint

Re: SD Card - 06/10/16 02:12 AM

For a simple answer, I ask my second-best friend to do it for me.
He is much more expert on computers and it only takes a phone call.
BUT..... there are many, more qualified members who will give you a more succint and simple answer immediately.
(until i graduate to a thumb drive etc., SD cards are marvellous).

Posted by: RMepstead

Re: SD Card - 06/10/16 09:22 AM

You need KN7000 SD Explorer (software) which is supplied free with the keyboard for your PC and is a simple backup and restore facility.
Posted by: hbinfo2001

Re: SD Card - 06/10/16 01:10 PM

Hi,Thanks for your replies.So I will try to find this software
because I need a backup from my sd card in case somthing happen
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Re: SD Card - 06/10/16 01:49 PM

Hi All,

I haven't been around much due to illness. getting back into the swing of things.

Roger is correct, you can use the Technics software that came with the keyboard to do a backup.

You can also use KN-SDExplorer which backs up everything on the card, not just the Technics data. Backup and Restore works fully even in the demo version - KN-SDExplorer Website

Copying the files from your card to your PC also works. The autorun file is a windows file and is not relevant to your keyboard. It will not copy across because it is not supposed to do so. Just ignore it because I assure you that it is not relevant.

Best wishes,
Posted by: HarryG

Re: SD Card - 06/11/16 04:00 AM

Hi Howard,

there are multiple possibilities:
1. Put on the hard disk of the PC a folder - Backup 10:06:16 - on.
2. Slide the SD card into the card reader of your PC
3. Copy the folder on the SD Card (Private - Technics - CN 700 - in the
Backup folder (TFLD 001 - TFLD 099 + BAK + INF file)

Different possibility:
Download the TechManager of the Italian Technics page (bottom right). The language is English.

By TechManager you can move individual songs, registrations or entire folders on your SD card, etc.

Here the link: download.htm
Posted by: hbinfo2001

Re: SD Card - 06/12/16 08:34 AM

Hi,Thanks for all your reply,I download the sd explorer and its
work fine.I have done all my back up
Thanks again my friends
Posted by: Bill Norrie

Re: SD Card - 06/13/16 11:39 AM

...Yet another method smile

Just copy the SD Card 'PRIVATE' folder directly to a folder on your PC Hard disc......
To recover, just copy the 'PRIVATE' folder back to a blank SD Card....
Posted by: hbinfo2001

Re: SD Card - 06/16/16 05:59 AM

Thanks Bill for your reply and it works faster
Can you give me the procedure how to save the equalizer and how to convert the custom styles to a style and save to th sdcard
I try the manual but i have a hard time
Thanks again
Posted by: Bill Norrie

Re: SD Card - 06/16/16 04:15 PM

Hi Howard,

To save your Equalizer setting :
2. Set your desired Equalizer parameters and EQUALIZER to ON
3. Press EXIT x3
5. Set TOTAL EQUALIZER to ON and press OK
6. Press EXIT x2
Your Equalizer settings should now be fixed for your playing session.

I'm not sure how long the Equalizer settings will be retained after you switch off the KN7000 power... Some settings are lost after about 80 minutes - others about 1 week.. See page 198 of the manual.
My KN7000 certainly retains them for at least a week.

To Transfer a CUSTOM Style to COMPOSER :

2. Press DIRECTION to select 'CUSTOM STYLE:x' in the FROM Box
3. Press CUSTOM STYLE to select desired Style (1 - 20)
4. Press MEMORY BANK to select Composer Bank to copy style to (A,B or C)
5. Press OK then EXIT x3
The selected CUSTOM Style will now be available in the selected COMPOSER MEMORY Bank (A,B or C)
Posted by: hbinfo2001

Re: SD Card - 06/17/16 07:03 AM

Hi Bill thanks for your explanation for the equalizer setting
and your right because sometime Iplay some sequencers and after Iam losing the setting but now I know I how do these settings
For the customs to styles I will try to save theme to the sdcard
In a styles folder
thanks again for your help and thanks to Roger
I was not aware that there where 2 UK forums
Have a good weekend