For Sale Kn7000

Posted by: bruno123

For Sale Kn7000 - 04/25/16 11:18 AM

Technics Kn7000 for sale.
Great condition

2-Four switch pedal.
3-Volume pedal.
4-Getting the most of your Kn7000. (book)
5-Original Disk.
6-Two SD disks. Loaded
7-Carrying bag.
90% mark free.

If you are going to pick it up and the price is fair, you are welcome to the stand, the IPad holder with the iPad connecting pole.

Make an offer.

Email me and I will send you pictures.

John C. (Bruno123)
Posted by: hbinfo2001

Re: For Sale Kn7000 - 04/25/16 02:46 PM

Hi Bruno,I tought that you where happy with the kn7000
What happen,your saying 90% mark free ,is the kn7000 with scrachs
Wath will be your price
Posted by: bruno123

Re: For Sale Kn7000 - 04/25/16 08:08 PM

Hi, 90% mark free means that the keyboard looks great except for some normal wear which is minor.

If you are interested send me an email at this address and Iíll send you a picture.

John C. (bruno1230