KN5000 version

Posted by: hbinfo2001

KN5000 version - 04/15/16 12:37 PM

Hi,When I purchase the KN5000 the version was 1.3 So I update to version 10
I would like to know if I done a mistake to go directly with the version 10 instead of 1.4,1.6 etc...
Thanks in advance
Posted by: Gunnar Jonny

Re: KN5000 version - 04/15/16 02:36 PM

I cannot remember for sure, long time ago since I did this, but I think it's OK as long as the keyboard show no faults.
The very last version is as far as I know 10A, and it will show in lover right corner on boot up if I don't remeber it wrong.

Posted by: hbinfo2001

Re: KN5000 version - 04/16/16 02:10 PM

Hi Gunnar,thanks for your reply There is no fault with the kn5000 my version is v.10 ,but I tought i had to download all the earlier versions
Thanks again