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Posted by: bruno123

Adding to the Technics Forum - 02/03/16 03:48 AM

Years back I went to the Technics Synthzone forum once or twice a day. I made some great friends, learned from others, and shared my ideas and songs. Today the forum is very quiet; I would love to help change that, there are still many Kn7000 players out there.

Questions, answers, sharing ones work, and just getting to know each other. Willum’s Website offers a great deal of information; I thank him for that. And Roger, aaaaah, he is always there. (smile)

My first post on sharing.
The pads on a Kn7000 offer many ways to add to your playing. #5 and #6 allows us to make a sequence. I would like to share two that I created and use often.

A twelve blues progression. Many songs young and old use blues progressions. Kansas City – Rock Around the Clock, many others. When I press the #5 or #6 pad the sequence begins leaving my hands free to do whatever. It will continue to repeat until you press it again.

(For those who are not familiar with a Blues progression) The Blues progression is made up of three chords. They are built on the 1st, 4th, and 5th steps of a major scale: C major scale; C F G – I IV V. I like to use 7ths on the IV and V chord. C F7 G7.

Four measures of the I chord --- Two of the IV7 chord. – two measures of the I chord – One measure of the V7 chord – One of the IV chord, and Two measures of the I chord. I use a V7 chord for the last measure; it brings me back to the beginning of the progression.

I don’t know how much of this you already know; if you have more ideas please post them.
Well, it’s my first try --- I hope this idea of sharing adds to our forum.

John C (Bruno)

PS, Our posts should not be limited to the Kn7000; anything dealing with music or performing, or the equipment that you are using.
Posted by: RMepstead

Re: Adding to the Technics Forum - 02/03/16 05:41 AM

I remember at the launch of the KN7000, Technics claims of the ability of the keyboard to broadcast its screen up onto a larger screen or perhaps TV set...has anybody ever used this facility?
Posted by: Bill Norrie

Re: Adding to the Technics Forum - 02/03/16 07:47 AM

Hi Rog, Yes indeed ! You may remember that during our visit to the Florida Jam, I did a demo which included a TV display connected to the KN7000 Video out terminal (See page 199 of the manual). The TV or monitor display needs a suitable input connector and if my memory serves me correctly, it was the late Fran Durham who provided the TV and connections......

John, nice to see you posting again smile and I trust you are getting on well with your 'new' KN7000. Have you had a look at Mike Sealey's Websites? Lots of goodies on these pages!! and well worth signing up.....
Posted by: RMepstead

Re: Adding to the Technics Forum - 02/03/16 08:06 AM

I do remember now Bill... I wonder whether you were the only one to try it out.
Not sure I could manage the 5 hour flight again these days.
Posted by: bruno123

Re: Adding to the Technics Forum - 02/03/16 05:45 PM

Any one know when they first launch of the KN7000, Technics.

John C.
Posted by: Bill Norrie

Re: Adding to the Technics Forum - 02/04/16 04:50 AM

KN7000 launched in 2002 John.....
Posted by: bruno123

Re: Adding to the Technics Forum - 02/04/16 06:11 PM

Today I tried to record a sequence; it’s been a while since I last tried.

My impressions:

1-The Kn7000 was very easy to work with. After working with three Yamaha keyboards and two Korgs I found the Kn7000 to be very friendly; it seemed know what I wanted to do.
2-Everything thing was so clear; so real.
3-The Kn7000 had less than have options then the keyboards of today, but it gave me exactly what was necessary to make a good sequence.
4-The manufactures of today have made their leading keyboards blossoms with options; what that means to me – I spend more time programming rather than playing or creating. Because the Kn7000 was so well designed making it friendly, I am playing and creating most of the time.

John C.
Posted by: RMepstead

Re: Adding to the Technics Forum - 02/05/16 01:35 AM

I agree entirely.
I get to see the latest Korg PA4X next monday...should be interesting.
Posted by: bruno123

Re: Adding to the Technics Forum - 02/05/16 04:20 PM

My opinion based on my playing experience and the fact that I own both Technics and Korg keyboards:
The Kn 7000 will cover all of Big Band, Sinatra, -- and all older music

Korg will cover music from the 50’S right up till today.
The styles and sounds of the Korg Pa4x favor younger music. When I play Glenn Miller on my Korg it sounds like a bunch of young musicians playing. They play the same music charts with the same instruments and run short because the instruments do not have the same sound, and they DO NOT have the same feel.

A new Selmer Sax cannot be compared with an old Selmer Sax. They have taken all the faults out of their new models and have an instrument that sounds perfect. Perfection has very little warmth but it can cut through heavy bass and loud drums.

Having said all of that, if you have the dollars buy the Korg Pa4x – then prepare for a LARGE LEARNING CURVE. If you can do that you will be happy you made the move. All the younger music you are playing now will go up many notches.

Good luck my friend, John C.
Posted by: RMepstead

Re: Adding to the Technics Forum - 02/06/16 01:20 AM

Actually John its not me that has bought a Korg PA4X but Midge. So I'm going over on monday to see what it's like.
Posted by: designserve

Re: Adding to the Technics Forum - 02/07/16 04:20 AM

Hi Guys,

I'm reading all the posts with great interest but find myself a bit challenged for time because I'm changing day jobs. Having worked ten years at the previous firm there's a lot of debriefing!

I've used the TV screen link on KN7000. Mine isn't very clear on today's TVs, I had better results on old CRT TVs but that's probably because the TVs themselves were not so good so virtually anything seemed acceptable! I know of several people who do use this feature to project lyrics onto large TVs for use in church, for the congregation to sing along. Of course you would have to be running a Sequence for that... so no extra verses on the fly!

I'll join in the other posts as soon as I get a few spare mins!

Best wishes,
Posted by: designserve

Re: Adding to the Technics Forum - 02/07/16 04:25 AM

PS I've also used the TV port with a screen grabber. I wanted to grab screenshots for my websites but it really isn't very good. Much better results taking photos. I do find that to be disappointing because it was something I would use a lot.

This could be because it is a very cheap screen grabber, so if anyone has got got results please let me know. I have found though that cheap accessories give very poor results (and this device is as cheap as they get!). Such as with MIDI interfaces where I went through a series of very cheap ones before buying my Roland. False economy incarnate. So I tend to invest a lot more in accessories than I used to, by buying better ones.

Reluctant to spend much on a screen capture device if nobody has had good results with one.