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Posted by: hbinfo2001

Piano stylist - 01/13/16 10:33 AM

Hi,I have a chance to buy a kn2600 but there is only one problem
If I play with the piano stylist :on the left key note D the sound or volume is to hi the rest of the other notes are ok
Althought I dont play with the piano styles button only with the arranger style
I use to have a kn7000 and I know its a different keyboard
Should I make the mobe to buy this kn2600 or what could be the problem
Thanks in avance
Posted by: hbinfo2001

Re: pianist mode - 01/13/16 06:35 PM

Hi Excuse me
I mean Pianist mode That the D key note is to loud
Posted by: designserve

Re: pianist mode - 01/14/16 11:34 AM

This sounds as though the rubber contact is not working correctly on that key. My KN901 suffers from this and I have to turn off touch sensitivity so that all keys trigger at the same volume. I don't play the KN901 per se these days, I just use it for testing converted styles for my websites.

I've replaced the contacts several times on my KN901 (I have owned it a long time and used it in some very bad environments whilst playing for a circus). I could never repair the contacts by cleaning but I have seen some Youtube videos about how to clean them. I'm doubtful as to whether they can be cleaned effectively. You can't get new contacts as far as I know but they are usually reasonably easy to get from someone who is breaking a keyboard for spares.

Anyway, there's definitely something wrong with that KN2600. It is probably fairly easy to fix but the defect should be reflected in the price. KN2600 is a great keyboard, especially though a nice amplification system.

Posted by: hbinfo2001

Re: pianist mode - 01/14/16 03:06 PM

Hi Mike,thanks for the quick reply has I am a member of your web site
The only thing I would like to know before I do the purchase
I would like to know if I can use my kn7000 sd cards to play on the kn2600 (very important for me)
Thanks again
Posted by: designserve

Re: pianist mode - 01/14/16 03:09 PM

Hiya, your KN7000 SD Cards will work in KN2600. However, Styles that you save in KN2600 won't work in KN7000. They can usually be HEX edited so that they will work but they won't work without that extra knowledge and effort. At least, that is how I understand things to be.

Posted by: designserve

Re: pianist mode - 01/14/16 03:10 PM

So, if you keep your SD Cards for the two keyboards separate you will be fine. You can load KN7000 styles and then save them onto a different card (or into a different folder on the same card I suppose).