Kn6500 Disk Drive

Posted by: bruno123

Kn6500 Disk Drive - 02/17/15 04:57 PM

My friend has a Kn6500. It has not been used for a year or so. The disk drive still turns but no message is shown.

Any thoughts will be appreciated.

John C.
Posted by: jd5live

Re: Kn6500 Disk Drive - 02/18/15 06:30 AM

Hi John,had some fun with my Disc Drives that have stood,I first tried a cleaner disc,low priced from any computer store,try that first.If that does not help the problem come back to me. In between time I will check up on the self test mode for the Kn6500 to see if the problem in electronic,I had that with my KN7000 and found the drive had died but I found a replacement for under 15 GBP.
Regards John.D
Posted by: designserve

Re: Kn6500 Disk Drive - 02/19/15 01:03 PM

I completely agree I thought my KN7000 disk drive was a gonner because I hadn't used it for a few years but a disk drive cleaner brought it back. Took many goes though, I reckon I ran it 40 times.
Posted by: bruno123

Re: Kn6500 Disk Drive - 02/21/15 08:30 AM

Thanks for both posts. I used a cleaner and I began using the keyboard each day, and like you said; it is now working fine.

Thanks again. John C.
Posted by: jd5live

Re: Kn6500 Disk Drive - 02/21/15 01:04 PM

Hi John glad to hear it worked happy playing
John D.