Irritating "Loop" Sounds

Posted by: kitkat

Irritating "Loop" Sounds - 01/30/15 09:16 AM

Does anyone know how to get rid of the "loop" sound on the strings in the KN7000? One would think that by the time the KN7000 came out the company would have solved this irritating sound. What I don't understand is that sounds like the piano and horns don't have this loop sound. You hold down a key of a piano note and it fades out evenly. It happens on several sounds of having this loop. The applause and laugh tracks for example--you can hear them start and stop and start again by holding down the key. It is most irritating when you want to sustain a unison string sound.
Posted by: RMepstead

Re: Irritating "Loop" Sounds - 01/30/15 12:25 PM

Mmm - they do appear to throb slightly, if that's what you mean - I guess you could go into Program Menus and make some alterations to the sounds but it's not territory I've ever been involved in.
Posted by: jd5live

Re: Irritating "Loop" Sounds - 01/30/15 02:50 PM

The reason you seem to get the effect of looping is down to harmonic content of string sounds and also if you take the string sound on pro recordings where there are only 7 or 8 string players you can get a looping effect due to the fact that string players have to change the direction of the bow,which means the tone structure of the instrument changes of slightly and in an orchestra you don't notice it so much as not only does each musician change bow direction at slightly times but as you have multi parts all the harmonics resonate together. Brass sounds are not produce sound using a sound board and as such do not resonate in sympathy as stringed instruments with other member of the same section.
Also if you think string section sounds are often played on a keyboard in an unreal way because orchestral strings also have parts which include more than just strings,there is woodwind horns, again making up the richness of the sound
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Re: Irritating "Loop" Sounds - 01/31/15 10:10 AM

Thanks, guys. You are right, JD that violinists change direction with their bows but a good violinist has technique to the point of not losing the sound when changing direction.

This "loop" sound only bothers me when I am playing soft sustained passages in a song. I thought perhaps someone came up with using the LFO, EFFECT, TONE, AMPLITUDE, PITCH and FILTER in SOUND EDIT that might have an answer. I have never fully understood these controls. This would be an excellent subject for someone to really explain these controls and what they do to a sound.
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Re: Irritating "Loop" Sounds - 01/31/15 10:25 AM

There is a superb article by Phil Leader in one of the Techplus magazines that explains the string section of the orchsatra and how to fine-tune the KN7000 strings to better effect. I'll post back to this thread when I've converted it but I mention it here in case you have the magazine.

By the way, I agree with you about the audience loops etc the repeats are very evident,
Posted by: kitkat

Re: Irritating "Loop" Sounds - 02/01/15 10:08 AM

Thanks, designserve. I don't have the Techplus magazine. I look forward to your converting it.