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Posted by: The Saint

Expansion boards - 10/22/14 03:36 AM

EWO4NX and EWO1NX expansion boards for KN 7000 are for sale $250.00 plus, What do you think re value and usefulness?


Ray dance
Posted by: Bill Norrie

Re: Expansion boards - 10/22/14 06:53 AM

Not sure if you're quoting the price EACH or for the pair ??
That's about 170 UK Pounds. I recently saw all 4 of these modules for sale on eBay for around 240 UK pounds the lot.(about 432 AUD)

Some of the new sounds are quite good, however you need to be aware of the following......

If you use any of the sounds from the modules in a sequence and give that sequence to anyone else with a KN7000, they will not hear the sounds from the modules, unless they have the same modules installed in their KN7000.
The nearest 'Standard' sounds will be substituted on a KN7000 that does not have the same modules.
This will also apply to your own recorded sequences, should you decide in future to remove the modules from you KN7000.
Posted by: RMepstead

Re: Expansion boards - 10/22/14 06:57 AM

and correct me if I am wrong but they are just sounds, not rhythms and sounds.
Posted by: Bill Norrie

Re: Expansion boards - 10/22/14 07:55 AM

Only Sounds Rog.... How ya doin ?
Posted by: jd5live

Re: Expansion boards - 10/22/14 05:52 PM

Hi Bill, as any of the voices on the expansion boards edited or not can be and stored in Tone Memory,they may be able to be used on a KN7 that does not have the boards if stored this way. (can't check at home unless I strip my KN of the boards) but any voices edited on the KN6500 do transfer to the KN7 even although the sound maps of each keyboard are not quite the same. I have all 4 boards fitted and they do offer a very wide pallet of sounds and effects to play with. Also in Europe the boards No 1-2 are selling for around 70 to 150 Euro but the boards 3 and4 fetch a lot more even higher than the original RRP.

Regards to all John
Posted by: The Saint

Re: Expansion boards - 10/22/14 06:11 PM

Thank you Professors'.
I think I will just plod along as i am. ($250 each, Bill).
Still finding new things on the KN7........

No doubt some of you experts will already know this, but I have recently discovered when using a multi-foot switch to incrementally progress through the PM, that when you reach no.8 on the panel memory and hit the "PM increment" foot switch it goes to the next bank in the panel memory, and if you have a switch set to "PM decrement" it reverts to the previous bank.
Which means that you are not limited to 8 reg. changes and could progress through all of your banks.
I know you will understand what I am saying!!!!!
If Mike (designserve)is reading this,maybe it could be added to your new website???

Ray dance
Posted by: designserve

Re: Expansion boards - 10/22/14 08:13 PM

Hi Ray, I certainly didn't know it (I don't think I know half of what the keyboard can do yet!) and I won't forget to add it to a tips section as soon as I can.

As JD knows, I'm envious of his rack of 4 expansion boards laugh I have 1 and 2 but simply can't justify 3 and 4 as of yet. Maybe when the kids have finished University (I have one studying for a Masters Degree in Russia and one about to go to Uni).

Incidentally, apparently Russian food is not extremely palatable from a daughter's point of perspective but it does appear to be extremely expensive from a dad's point of perspective haha. In fact, dad suspects that the vast majority of the food might come in clear liquid form... out of a glass :)))

The extra sounds on the boards are delightful in my opinion but if you play mainly at home you could add a much greater variety of more realistic sounds by hooking up a computer and adding some (hundreds of) virtual instruments for the same costs. This is a whole new topic and learning experience though!
Posted by: RMepstead

Re: Expansion boards - 10/23/14 03:40 AM

Hi Bill - one eye with cataract sorted and now waiting for a date for the other eye to be done...the improvement in vision is amazing.
Posted by: The Saint

Re: Expansion boards - 11/06/14 10:11 PM

Having downloaded the expansion board sounds generously offered by Mike, it made me very aware of that MEMORY button on the sounds selection ( which I had been ignoring).
So I started to access it with along with a lot of the sounds which I had set in registrations I composed/collected from many of SZ contributors over the years.
It is amazing the variety of sounds which are in that function which i have been overlooking for ages.
Could they be sounds off the other expansion boards, or just computer generated extras by the SZ's themselves?

Ray dance
Posted by: designserve

Re: Expansion boards - 11/07/14 10:23 AM

Hi Ray,

Thank you... not exactly my generosity but more the hard work and research by the eminent and prolific Mr Dawson who has spent many late nights getting things right for everyone.

We really need some KN6000 and KN6500 owners who own boards to give us a helping hand to enable extra new sounds for other owners.

Regarding the sounds you've gathered from SZ contributors etc I know that many of them were created by those contributors. Some might be from expansion cards and there have also been many commercial disks available with new sounds over the years.

You can also store new sounds that you will find on the many commercial disks. Some of those disks are of course dedicated to new sounds or panel memories but many of the song disks have sounds specifically created for them.

Interesting too, to create some of your own sounds. HarryG made a great post recently with an accordion sound for you to copy. There's also a tutorial by George Basnett on Gunnar's site to explain how to make the late, great Acker Bilk's clarinet.

What I find astonishing, having made one or two sounds myself, is the immense amount of work that goes into creating sounds that many people are willing to share with fellow KN owners. That is true generosity.

It appears that the expansion cards actually use the wave forms that are already embedded in the keyboards. Well, we're not 100% certain but it seems that way. So, the cards are able to store all of the info for hundreds of sounds and an interface for them to be used easily but the Memory sound group is able to hold 40 of them anyway.

I think that an interesting way to use this is to load sounds one by one into your own Sound File (TM file). So, for example I know you like organ sounds and so do I, you could have a TM file with 40 organ sounds in it ready to use, gathered up from various places. And another file with 40 different string sounds etc. They only take a few seconds to load. You can load a single sound into any of the 40 memory slots on the third page of the LOAD screen in the KN7000.

I had the pleasure of meeting Peter in Swansea a few nights ago and the sounds load into the KN2600 memory slots just the same as KN7000, so the expansion card sounds can be used by KN2600 owners too (and I'm sure KN2400).

Anyway, I too have had my interest redirected to the Memory button recently so I know exactly what you mean! It's like having a whole new keyboard (or several) to play with!

What you can also try is.... load up some sounds you enjoy and use them in your existing Rhythms using the Sound Arranger. Hours of fun!

Best wishes,