Finally, it's here ...

Posted by: Ketron_AJ

Finally, it's here ... - 02/20/13 01:16 AM

This will probably remind you of Technics ... at their peek!

Come and experience a Music Station you will need to see and hear to believe.

More demos are constantly being added so check them out periodically and please realize that these were recorded in one take so kindly excuse some 'errors'.

Thanks for your helpful suggestions.
Posted by: RMepstead

Re: Finally, it's here ... - 02/20/13 02:48 AM

Nah...sounds a bit tinny to me...nowhere near Technics at their peak.
Posted by: Ketron_AJ

Re: Finally, it's here ... - 02/20/13 05:39 AM

Thanks for the feedback.

Will EQ a little more so it sounds more "full" (ofcouse any user can edit the sounds and styles to their taste) ...
Posted by: Bob Hendershot

Re: Finally, it's here ... - 02/20/13 06:21 AM

Thanks AJ

Just about any late model keyboard has excellent voicing today. I can't really tell a lot of difference with my old ears. There is no doubt that many of the newer voices are better than my KN7000 can do, but not really better enough to make me want to use a less friendly operating system. When someone designs a keyboard with something similar to the Panel Memories of the KN's I will certainly take notice. I like lots of registration changes in my music and most keyboards force you to poke at buttons while playing to make those changes. Technics lets me use up to 24 registration changes in the same song setup with a simple touch of a foot switch.
Posted by: Ketron_AJ

Re: Finally, it's here ... - 02/20/13 10:31 AM


You are correct. To date, I believe Technics has the most 'User Friendly' OS which is definately missed.

As Arrangers become more and more complex, so too do their OS.
With regards to Panel Memories/Registrations - with the Ketron AUDYA, it is our BLOCK REGISTRATION (which can be made up of single registrations [Song/Panel settings], MP3s, Waves, Midi ..etc). You can store 20 settings (the KN has 24 as you mention above) per Block REGISTER and instantly recall either with the F1-F10 panel buttons (one you press the REGISTRATION button and call up the BLOCK you are interested in), or using the footswitches as well. The good thing here is when you press the REGISTRATION button, all your Song/Panel settings are listed in the middle of the screen ... simply scroll up/down to the one you want to load and press ENTER (or just key in it's numeric value ... eg 102 to instantly recall it). The corresponding 1st 10 settings will be displayed adjecent to F1-F10 screen buttons (the next 10 are in the next page).

The good thing here is you are not confined to panel settings when creating a Register. Single Registrations are used to call up entire song settings (text files, music/song files ...etc) - as you mentioned above, way less button pushing than some arrangers in today's market.


Posted by: Bob Hendershot

Re: Finally, it's here ... - 02/20/13 12:10 PM

Thanks AJ, that's good info.

I am a little slower mentally than I used to be. I am not sure if you mean that the 20 Block Registration settings are isolated from styles so that different styles are available with each registration change for a song, and that a foot switch push can select a different style as well as voicing, tempo, etc in the middle of a song. I tried Korg, as well as Roland arrangers and both have registrations (voicing etc) that are tied to a style unless a separate action of selecting a different performance setup is used. Both are too slow to respond for my use. The Technics registration change is almost instant.
Posted by: bruno123

Re: Finally, it's here ... - 02/21/13 01:29 PM

I’ve heard Bernie’s Audya keyboard it did have some instrument sounds that were very good; better than my Pa800 or Kn7000.

When you take the dollar consideration and the fact that all the new keyboards have a learning curve that brings you more stuff—although good I see no reason to change.
John C.

PS, Bernie’s opinion (Audya Owner) would be interesting here.