4 KN7000 For Sale

Posted by: Bernie9

4 KN7000 For Sale - 02/04/13 07:38 AM

Many of you remember Glenn and Nadine from the Florida Jams. Nadine has informed me that Glenn had 4 KN7000's when he died unexpectedly. His wife has them, and is looking to sell them, all in excellent condition.

They will be priced at $2000-2500 I think.

Any interested parties may contact me, and I will forward.

Posted by: Bob Hendershot

Re: 4 KN7000 For Sale - 02/21/13 07:09 PM

Bernie, I have a student that is interested in a used KN7000 but he doesn't feel he could pay as much as you mentioned, especially risking the shipment all the way from California. How can he get in touch with Nadine?
Posted by: Bernie9

Re: 4 KN7000 For Sale - 02/22/13 03:04 AM

Hi Bob

I forwarded to Nadine, since she and I are intermediaries, The price is a wild guess, and may be high.

In the meantime, PM me and I will reply.