7K Registrations for Christmas....

Posted by: etwo4788

7K Registrations for Christmas.... - 11/10/12 03:01 PM

The Entertainment Committee here in my home park has asked me to
do a Christmas Program on Dec 1st.... I have done this several

You might think that anyone who lives in a Motor Home (8' x 32'
outside dimensions) would be able to find the right SD card for Christmas programs....! Not happening! I really need some

There just is not time for me to put new registrations together
at this point....

Any/all help will be welcome!!!!

Posted by: RMepstead

Re: 7K Registrations for Christmas.... - 11/11/12 02:24 AM

Lots of christmas stuff here...
Posted by: etwo4788

Re: 7K Registrations for Christmas.... - 11/11/12 11:17 AM

Roger.... Thanks for your response. Good website.

What I need is Chirstmas programs already on a floppy or an SD card that a 7K player has put together for the 7K....Looks to me
like the Strawberry site offers the dots and words to play from only....

My collection of Christmas music is quite ample. If I could just
find the SD card, where last years programs are stored!

Posted by: etwo4788

Re: 7K Registrations for Christmas.... - 11/11/12 11:31 AM


Okay... I went back and found they do have SD cards
programed with Christmas music.....

I am still looking for my little card from last year
of course....

Any other great ideas out there in 7K land???

Posted by: Audrey Turner

Re: 7K Registrations for Christmas.... - 11/22/12 04:00 PM

Hello Elizabeth,

In an effort to do something different with the Christmas songs, this year I've decided to make it a 'Country Christmas' and it is amazing how many Country rhythms go with them. Why not try it, there are some lovely Country styles on the KN7 and with a little 'tweaking' you can make them all sound completely individual.

Good luck!

Posted by: etwo4788

Re: 7K Registrations for Christmas.... - 11/22/12 07:00 PM

Audrey.....Thanks for the suggestion. Very appropriate for
my RV "home base" is called "The Ranch". A cowboy and country
theme is always a highlight for anything done here with both
activities and entertainment.

Having been born and raised in Arizona and prefer the weather
in the S.W. I have been exposed to the "cowboy" ideology most
of my life.

I do and will continue to play some of the western christmas

Maybe you will share just which carols you play to which rhythms that are country? "Blue Christmas" and "A Cowboy Christmas" are two I usually play to whatever my current favorite western rhythm. I do add sleigh bells or digi bells & such to the registrations....

Thanks Audrey....