Getting Oganized

Posted by: Bernie9

Getting Oganized - 11/02/09 07:41 AM

Much has been said about organizing SD cards, but I want to create a database of spread sheet with Microsoft Office 2007 or Open Office. I want fields or cells to include name,location,type(Kar or style), genre, etc. If I want to add a category, I can do it. Above all, I want to enter names and have the program alphabetize it.

I have never worked with these programs, and don't know which to use. I found a bunch of templates, but no help. I need a fluid, ongoing program.
Posted by: BEBOP

Re: Getting Oganized - 11/02/09 08:13 AM

Microsoft Excell is made for that and it is included in your office software.
Posted by: RMepstead

Re: Getting Oganized - 11/02/09 08:19 AM

Hiya Bernie
Once you have a large collection of files on an SD Card there is the temptation to introduce a third element to sort all those files into various orders.
Knowing you as well as I do I'm sure you are conscious that the contents of the SD Card are capable of being viewed on your keyboard in 3 different formats - alphabetic; numeric; and by folder.
In addition there is the seperate method of listing them one after the other in an order of your choice by using the SD Favorites facility on your keyboard...Do you know about this latter tool?

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Posted by: Bernie9

Re: Getting Oganized - 11/02/09 02:24 PM

Bebop and Rog
Thank you both for the answer. Bebop, I never would have thought of Excell. Rog,I use number and folder, but never used alphabetical. Between you two, I might get my act together(doubtful).
Posted by: Bernie9

Re: Getting Oganized - 11/02/09 02:39 PM

BTW, Rog, The Favorites program is one of the best features of the KN7000. I use it constantly, and if you freeze the screen, it makes for even a faster access of ones playlist.
Posted by: Bill Norrie

Re: Getting Oganized - 11/02/09 02:55 PM

Hi Bernie,

You said : "Above all, I want to enter names and have the program alphabetize it. Microsoft Excel can do just that You can select any one of the columns, sort alphabetically on that column and the other columns in the spreadsheet will maintain their relationships to the sorted column.
Posted by: Audrey Turner

Re: Getting Oganized - 11/02/09 04:55 PM

Here's a question for you guys!

How do you get this information into Excel in the first place?

I use the KN SD Explorer tool and this automatically loads everything you have on your SD Card direct to the PC and then you can sort the Folders, Files, cut, copy, paste, make Indexes, print out and Back everything up - all within minutes, but I don't know whether you can still get it.

Fred Mellinck may be able to help you if you're interested.

Posted by: Bernie9

Re: Getting Oganized - 11/03/09 01:00 AM

Hi Audrey
I have KN Explorer and used it to save and print my index. I am going to enter the information manually, as I need to, not only alphabetize the titles, but, also, add other information in different fields.