Greatwestmusic-site stopped ?

Posted by: Roel

Greatwestmusic-site stopped ? - 11/27/99 07:51 AM

I wonder why the greatwestmusic-discussion forum stopped. Perhaps too many complaints and too critic messages ??!!

I like this 'independent' forum a lot more

Posted by: TomTomSF

Re: Greatwestmusic-site stopped ? - 11/30/99 05:42 PM

Hi Roel
I think you are right. Rumor has it that all the complaints about the problems in the new KN6000 resulted in the Technics Forum shuting down. What a shame, as it was a great site. I hope they can "fix" it (and the KN6000) right away.
But I agree that we should carry on at this site. In fact, I posted a message to that effect myself. Let's hope other Technics players will come here and share their thoughts & questions.