KN5000 STYLES to KN6000

Posted by: peter castanos

KN5000 STYLES to KN6000 - 12/14/99 04:01 PM

As I'm sure most of you did, before trading my KN5000 I transferred some of my favourite 5000 factory styles to the composer and saved them to disk just in case they weren't present on the 6000.
Now I'm getting an interesting error message when I load some of those styles into the 6000's composer and then try to transfer them to custom. The message is:

This data includes sound and/or effect memories in the custom styles. If you want to edit your custom style data, please copy it to the current panel using the custom style copy function set to "from custom style to memory bank" and after editing copy the data back to the custom memory.

The message doesn't make sense to me because it is telling you to transfer the data to where it is already located!

Any ideas?
Posted by: Scottyee

Re: KN5000 STYLES to KN6000 - 12/14/99 07:45 PM

Hi Peter,

Since I don't actually own a KN6000 keyboard myself (lucky me?) as I still have a KN5000, I'm not certain I'm on the right track, but here is my thought for what it's worth:

After loading the KN5000 composer style into the KN6000's composer memory, you may actually need to re-save it as a "KN6000 format" composer memory file onto a floppy diskette and then re-load this file back into the KN6000 before the file can be successfully transfered to the KN6000's Custom Memory.

Hope this helps.

- Scott
Posted by: peter castanos

Re: KN5000 STYLES to KN6000 - 12/14/99 09:15 PM

Hi Scott
Thanks for the suggestion. I'll give it a go tonight and let you know how it goes.
Posted by: peter castanos

Re: KN5000 STYLES to KN6000 - 12/15/99 02:31 PM

Hi Scott,

You were spot on! Thanks.

It's a pity the error message couldn't be as helpful as you were!