Posted by: Jack Docters

Joan - 02/15/05 12:31 AM

Joan, I don't can reach you by e-mail.
Every mail is coming back to me.
Do you have another address.
By the way, Thanks for the sheet of "To Know
Him is to Love Him.

Posted by: Joan

Re: Joan - 02/15/05 01:23 AM

Hi there - I did get your two of your emails that you sent. I don't have an explanation for this. I have received mail from other sources OK.

There seems to be some conflict sometimes between .NL and AOL as Cees Schenk has had problems on occasions contacting me and he uses the same server. Joan
Posted by: Jack Docters

Re: Joan - 02/15/05 03:49 AM

Thanks Joan , I w'll try to do the same as