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Posted by: jd5live

Help Audio Recorder - 06/06/07 02:50 AM

Hi folks,
Does any body out there know of a audio recorder that will take the usb digital output of the KN7 and let you multi track record ie:-
Record the seq. output of the KN7 then let you use the mic. input of the KN7 to add vocal tracks separately Regards John D.
Posted by: RMepstead

Re: Help Audio Recorder - 06/06/07 03:24 AM

Hi John
This is what I use...
and of course you can pump the vocal through the Technics KN7000 at the same time as the sequenced music.
Posted by: jd5live

Re: Help Audio Recorder - 06/06/07 06:26 AM

Hi Rog,
This shows where My computer skills are way out of touch with my instrument knowledge. I know I can use the KN7 to digitise vocals and output them via the USB as digital signals, from reading the info from the site you suggested they use the line input of the audio card and the convert to digital(now my thick part) or can I direct the program to input via the USB and give me multi track stereo recording? regards John D.
Posted by: RMepstead

Re: Help Audio Recorder - 06/06/07 07:19 AM

Aaah - now there you have me John...
I just connect my KN7000 to my laptop (microphone in) either via the lineout sockets or the headphones socket and control the level and quality of sound using the software technology of the Polderbits programme which is very simple to use, thankfully...