? Irish Midis ?

Posted by: lahawk

? Irish Midis ? - 03/06/04 07:45 PM

With St. Patricks Day around the corner,
I'm looking for some decent Irish Midis.

While there are plenty avaiable, mostly all of them sound the same..rather bland.

Any help is appreciated.

Larry Hawk
Posted by: Gunnar Jonny

Re: ? Irish Midis ? - 03/07/04 05:25 AM

Hi Larry.

For those of us, if any else than me, who are
not familiar to the songs you think about, do
you have any examples for titles or style?
Posted by: lahawk

Re: ? Irish Midis ? - 03/07/04 09:23 AM

When Irish Eyes Are Smiling
Danny Boy
My Wild Irish Rose
Irish Lullaby
Galway Bay
I'll Take You Home Again Kathleen
Posted by: lahawk

Re: ? Irish Midis ? - 03/07/04 09:26 AM

Technic File songs would do

Larry Hawk
Posted by: John North

Re: ? Irish Midis ? - 03/07/04 10:20 AM

Hi Larry
If it's yourself asking, then I'm sure you'll find what you need at

to be sure, to be sure.............
Posted by: BEBOP

Re: ? Irish Midis ? - 03/07/04 06:54 PM

Larry G has Irish (QQ's)Eyes on his website and Joe Rodney has Danny Boy on his website
We got a couple of Ireland folks on my email list. send me an email and I will forward to them
Posted by: Anonymous

Re: ? Irish Midis ? - 03/09/04 01:05 PM

Hi Larry
Im not so good in english so I got help from Gunnar Jonny however
I did a search at http://www.eniro.se/ for "irish midi" and got 128 hits.
Maybe worth a try even if many won't be very good or useful, but some
might be really OK?
Good luck Lennart B

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Posted by: lahawk

Re: ? Irish Midis ? - 03/09/04 01:45 PM

Thanks for all the responses here and by email. This forum continues to amaze. Ask and you shall recieve.
Posted by: Mike ORegan

Re: ? Irish Midis ? - 03/10/04 12:48 AM

Why not buy a book, such as "101 Irish Songs for Buskers", published by Wise Publications, ISBN No 0-7119-4439-3 and play your own music. If you just want to hear someone else play Irish Music, then there are plenty of CDs to be bought.
Mike O'R
Posted by: lahawk

Re: ? Irish Midis ? - 03/10/04 05:16 AM


Thanks for the book tip. I'm not sure if it is available in the States.

I am going to record some of my own Irish Tunes. The good thing about having midis or Technic files on hand is, you can hear the various ways the song is played. To get an idea of the flow of the song helps, especially with a song you may be unfamiliar with.

It's amazing how various artist's play the same song at such different versions. An example is "In A Shanty In Old Shanty Town" I have heard it played as a waltz to dixie style and even a boogie.

Ultimatly, it's the personal touch that makes it "your" song.