Floppy to SD Card

Posted by: lahawk

Floppy to SD Card - 01/17/03 07:32 PM

I'm really trying to learn about the SD Card...so here is maybe a simple question to some, but I'm a newbie with this type of format. My simple detailed question :

I have a bunch of midis on floppy disks that I would like to save to an SD Card for the 7000.

I know I can copy these midis from floppy to SD Card using the kn7000 keyboard, however I would like to know if I can copy these midis from a floppy to the SD Card (E Drive)using the SZ-CB7 Panasonic Reader Writer on my home computer ?

I'm asking this question, because I actually tried to copy midi files from a floppy disk to a SD Card using my computer and reader/writer, and the midis do not "show" when the SD Card is installed in ther 7000. Is it because I put 2 different file formats on one card ?
I copied a .wav file (converted using Jukebox) and then added the midi Files,(by copying from Floppy to SD Card using my computer) all on 1 SD Card.
Only the converted .wav file displayed on the 7000. I could not find the midi files.

Anybody have any simple advise to get me started copying files from floppys to SD ?

Thanks All
and Go Eagles !
Posted by: Lanny

Re: Floppy to SD Card - 01/18/03 06:44 AM

I don't yet have a KN7K but have been reading about the SD card functions. I think Alec's post may help you.

Hope this helps. Good luck.
Posted by: lahawk

Re: Floppy to SD Card - 01/23/03 01:50 PM

I have come to the conclusion (with the help of cees) that we can not load an SD Card with midis from our computer/reader/writer.

On the KN7000 it shows the SD Card as 40% full, but try and load and it states that it is empty. It can not read these midi files . I wish I had the ability to develop software that was user friendly for this purpose. Hope some smart programer is listening

Larry Hawk