1GB SD Card

Posted by: Audrey Turner

1GB SD Card - 03/03/06 04:14 PM

If anyone is interested, Staples Office Supplies are selling SANDISK 1GB SD Cards at a special offer price of just 39.99 for a limited period.

This is cheaper than the one I bought recently from the net and 40/50 cheaper than those offered in some local shops and a well known catalogue.

Needless to say, they are selling fast in our local store.

Aud (U.K.)
Posted by: nsr007

Re: 1GB SD Card - 03/05/06 08:06 AM

Hi Audrey,

Have you heard of the card Staples sells called PNY? I have seen it listed several times for $19.95 for a 1GB. I have stayed away from it believing in the old theory, you get what you pay for or the saying, "If it sounds too good to be true..." I am surprised to know that Staples is in the UK - I thought they were purely an American company.

Posted by: Audrey Turner

Re: 1GB SD Card - 03/05/06 03:43 PM

Hi Scott,

Yes I have seen these PNY Cards in computer magazines, but the reason I posted this message is because it is a good price and from the various SD Cards I use, the Sandisk cards have proved to be very reliable. I have had two 256mb Panasonic Cards and have experienced trouble with both. The first one was faulty and was replaced with the second which worked fine for awhile but now although the Songs stored and named are shown exactly as saved, the Folder names have completely disappeared and even with the help of the KN SD-Explorer tool backup, I cannot get it to hold the Folder names.

The other cards I have of different makes, all seem to work O.K. but they are more expensive. In case you're wondering why I have so many, I also use them for digital photography.

I cannot tell you how long Staples have been in England, but I do know they have been in Cambridge for approximately 10 years and I make regular purchases from them as they offer a variety of quality goods at very competitive prices. What more can you ask?

Regards - Aud (U.K.)
Posted by: Fran D

Re: 1GB SD Card - 03/06/06 05:14 AM

I have PNY SD's and have not had any trouble. The latest 512 was $19.95 at Staples. The one thing I like about Staples, is there rebate on the Internet system. Less hassle.

Fran in SC