Help: No sound out of KN2000 ?

Posted by: Bassam

Help: No sound out of KN2000 ? - 07/09/05 08:57 AM

Hi technics players,
My KN2000 was OK until a day, when I swich it ON, every thing worked perfect ( styles, programs, sequencer) but without sound ( no output from speakers, headphone, line out). I tried to initialize the keyboard, or change the General MIDI (on/off), but without result. Please any help ?
Posted by: Audrey Turner

Re: Help: No sound out of KN2000 ? - 07/09/05 04:12 PM

Hi Bassam,

Several things spring to my mind that could be the cause and they are:-

1) Try using the Technics DATA DISK supplied with your keyboard as this will reset the keyboard to its original 'Factory' settings.

2) Are you using an expression pedal, if so has it inadvertently been left in the 'non sound' position? (have to admit I have made this silly mistake in the past).

3) Press and hold the SET button, go to page 2 and check to see whether the 'ALL OFF' is activated.

4) Have you experienced a power cut recently? because if you have this could be the cause. Until my son fixed POWER SURGE sockets in my music room even a 'blip' in the power would often upset my electrical gadgets including my piano and keyboard.

Hope this helps.


Aud (U.K.)
Posted by: Bassam

Re: Help: No sound out of KN2000 ? - 07/10/05 08:52 AM

Hi Aud,

Thank you very much for your quick response to my posting.

- I don't have the Technics DATA DISK, but I have done initialization via MEMORY & CONTROL button which I think initialize the keyboard to it's original "Factory" setting.

- I disconnected the expression pedal, but still no sound out.

- When I press and hold the SET button, I get only the page PANEL MEMORY MODE with two options NORMAL and EXTENDED, and I can't find the ' ALL OFF' option.

- The keyboard was normally working at night, then I switched off and went to sleep, and in the morning my son switched on, it was working but without sound. If there was a chance for power problems, what should I do next ? I can't find any fuse or somthing like that to replace it. Any suggestions please?

Kind regards,

Bassam ( NL )

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Posted by: Bill Norrie

Re: Help: No sound out of KN2000 ? - 07/10/05 05:18 PM

Try a Factory Reset - Turn off the keyboard, then hold down '8&16beat', 'rock and Pop', 'ballad' and 'jazz and Swing' buttons in the rhythm group and switch on......

OOPS!! the above applies to a KN7000 and of course you have a KN2000. I'm sure there is a similar procedure for the KN2000, but I can't remember which buttons are involved - Alec! - HELP!

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Posted by: Ann in New Zealand

Re: Help: No sound out of KN2000 ? - 07/10/05 07:42 PM

I have the Manual for the KN2000 and these are the remedies it suggests for "no sound is produced when the keys are pressed".
The MAIN VOLUME is at the minimum setting. Adjust the volume with the MAIN VOLUME control (sometimes we are so worried we overlook the simple solution - we have also had no sound and its been because the expression pedal has been knocked, and when children push buttons [I'm not sure how old your son is but I know what ours is like] or change things we don't think about it).
It also mentions that maybe volumes for selected parts are set to the minimum levels (check on the screen) but if you were using the keyboard the day before and it was fine, it is not likely that this is the problem. Have you used a Midi file in the keyboard as you sometimes need to reset after this?
From the Manual - If the buttons, keys etc malfunction - turn off the POWER button once, then turn it on again. If this procedure is not sucessful, turn off the POWER button once. Then, while pressing the three lower left buttons in the RHYTHM GROUP section (8 beat 2, Jazz rock & soul, and Dance Pop) at the same time, turn the POWER button again. (This will return all settings, functions and memories to their factory-preset status). I think this is probably the same as initialising the keyboard through Memory & Control - did you have "Total Keyboard" highlighted when you initialised?
I read your comment re turning Midi on or off - this should not make any difference to whether the keyboard will play.
When you push the Demo button do you get any sound?
What were you doing before you turned off the keyboard the previous day?
If none of the above fixes your problem please write again. Another member once told me that the only "dumb question" is the one we don't ask (and I've asked plenty) so keep writing and I'm sure someone will solve your problem.
Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to try to help someone else on the Forum - I have received so much assistance from many members and I would really like to able to know enough to help a Fellow member.
Good luc!
Posted by: Bassam

Re: Help: No sound out of KN2000 ? - 07/11/05 11:43 AM

Thanks to both of you Bill and Ann for your response. It’s really a great opportunity to receive so much assistance from you.

Hi Bill,

I did the Factory Reset ( 8 beat 2, Jazz rock & soul, and Dance Pop) which I get it from Ann, and receive the initialization message and still every thing function good but without sound.

Hi Ann,

I tried all your suggestions step by step.
- The Main Volume was ok, and also the volumes for the selected parts were high enough (120) but sill no sound, even the Demo button.

- From the MEMORY & CONTROL panel, yes I did highlight the ‘Total Keyboard’ in the initialization mode.

- Before I turned off the keyboard that day (before I get the problem) I was normally playing, without any sequencer/ MIDI, then I switched it off and went to sleep. The next day my son switched ON the keyboard but there were absolutely no sound.

- Before this problem, I usually can't play on the keyboard when the General MIDI is ON, that’s why I thought may be the General MIDI should be OFF.

Thanks again, any other suggestions will be appreciated.

Kind regards,

Bassam (NL)

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Posted by: Audrey Turner

Re: Help: No sound out of KN2000 ? - 07/12/05 05:03 AM

Sorry, I may have mislead you with my suggestions as of course I was thinking of my own keyboard which is a KN7000.

However, thinking about your very worrying problem and how frustrated you must feel, may I suggest you contact GRAHAM TILNEY at Technote International. This is a very reputable company who are dedicated to continue to help us Technics owners and if they cannot tell you right away (and I'll be surprised if they cannot), I am sure they will do all in their power to find out what the answer is. Their details are as follows:-

UNITED KINGDOM: (Orders & Enquiries)
Techplus Club, Steel Close,
Eaton Soco, Eaton Socon, St. Neots, Cambs
PE19 8TT England.
Telephone No. 01480 470320
Fax. 01480 470284

U.S.A. and CANADA: (Orders & Enquiries)
Telephone No. 1-800 580 4050
Tel: (outside USA) 813 630 5003
Fax. 813 630 5001

As this is a Technics Club of which I am a member, it may be necessary for you to mention my name "Audrey Turner"

Also, you may have to add the English International prefix code if telephoning from outside the U.K. Unfortunately, I do not know what this currently is as my phone book is 2 years old.

Good luck!

Aud (U.K.)
Posted by: Audrey Turner

Re: Help: No sound out of KN2000 ? - 07/12/05 05:07 AM

Hi Bassam,

I've just read my message and I see a mistake "Eaton Soco" should not be in the address - just 'Eaton Socon' (This is the name of the village where the company is situated.

Sorry about that.

Aud (U.K.)