Wanted: Your expertise...help!

Posted by: Steffan

Wanted: Your expertise...help! - 02/08/03 04:13 AM

I have owned a KN2000 for several years but am just now beginning to use it in tandem with my computer. I am not very knowledgable on MIDI and how to use it with online resources. As you know the information
in the manual is limited in regards to such info. I have a couple main questions if someone would like to help me out(to start).

1) How do I download midi files to play on my KN? I have copied files onto a floppy and transferred them to my KN, but I get an error message, or the file will not load. This occurs even when I use files created on another KN-2000.

2) Can I play midis created by a source other than a Technics synth? The manual says no but other keyboard players to whom I have spoken say I should be able to do this.

These probably seem like silly questions to most who post here but I am a newbie at this and I sincerely appreciate your help. I will post other silly questions on this thread from time to time.
Posted by: jm_bogey

Re: Wanted: Your expertise...help! - 02/08/03 04:25 AM

1) The KN2000 can read only Type 0 Midi file. You may have Type 0 or Type 1. If you have Type 1 you receive an error from the KN. You can convert from Type 1 to type 0 on the computer with a Midi program.

2) All instrument Midi compatible should play any source of Midi. The only thing is the Type (1 or 0). All the Technics Keyboard like the KN5000 or before was able to read only Type 0 Midi file. Since The KN6000 they can read both type.
Posted by: Steffan

Re: Wanted: Your expertise...help! - 02/08/03 05:59 AM

How do I know which my keyboard uses and where do I get this converter you are speaking of?

Posted by: Ad Rouw

Re: Wanted: Your expertise...help! - 02/08/03 12:13 PM

Hi Steffan,

Download the great midi converter by Andy Gittings from: http://karasoft.free.fr/download.htm
It's so easy to use and it converts karaoke, midi type 0 and midi type 1 in all directions. Once a karaoke or midifile is loaded just press "Convert to SMF 0". If it is already a midi type 0, you'll be told so.
Regards, Ad.
Posted by: Steffan

Re: Wanted: Your expertise...help! - 02/11/03 05:02 PM

See, this is sort of the problem I am having. Everyone here assumes that I know what you all are talking about even on a basic level. I am literally starting from ground zero.

Pretend I am an alien from another planet and you are explaining how to download a MIDI file onto a disc, and then transferring it to my KN2000. Step by step. I am completely ignorant of how to do it. Just pretend. That way anything I don't understand will be there to fill in the holes between what I DO know.

Thanks, I appreciate it!!