KN7000 =220volt

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KN7000 =220volt - 08/29/07 08:50 PM

Hi,First of all I would like to thanks Fran for the good work for us members I would like to known if my KN7000 will work at 220 volt in France Thanks in advance. Howard
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Re: KN7000 =220volt - 08/29/07 09:33 PM

Hi Howard,
The short answer is probably not. The standard Model for Canada has a PC suffix after the SX-KN7000 model No. This and the USA model (P suffix) are suitable for 120 Volt operation only. Models with a GU, GT or GM suffix which were sold in various parts of Asia have a switchable power supply and suit various mains voltages. If your KN is to be permanently located in France it may still be possible to have a suitable transformer fitted internally, but probably the simplest option is to use an external transformer to step down the voltage from 220V to 120V. Such a tranformer will need to have a power rating of at least 75VA. Hope this helps.


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Re: KN7000 =220volt - 08/30/07 12:24 AM

I thought you might like to know that when I lived in USA I bought a KN7000 and it was brought back with my other items when I returned to UK. I have been successfully using it with a step down transformer for 2 years. When I went out to USA I took a KN1600 (UK model) and had that stepped up to UK voltage for 3 years so the transformer is the way to go and there have been no problems. These transformers are available at Maplin in UK but I do not know where to get them in France.
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Re: KN7000 =220volt - 08/30/07 04:46 AM

Hi I thank you very much for your answer very helpfull