One Touch Play

Posted by: dpeisic

One Touch Play - 02/16/05 09:01 PM

At the kn7000

What does happen when pressing the one touch play?

What are all the setting that are saved when pressing the One touch play.

Can I save each individual setting that I saved after pressing the one touch play button ?

How do I retrieve my setting combination that the One touch play saved.

Posted by: Gunnar Jonny

Re: One Touch Play - 02/17/05 01:21 AM

When press OTP you got a lot of factory made presets who
are well mixed to choose from.
A lot of settings are done, sound, style, effects etc. so
it's easy for you to just start to play.
Use the panelmemories to save what you like, remeber to
set it in expanded mode, and then you can save it all to
the SD card or a diskette.
Recall your settings by load from saved media, and press
the pan.mem. you've saved your settings
Posted by: RMepstead

Re: One Touch Play - 02/17/05 01:32 AM

Good reply Gunnar...but I think it fair to say Doron that you probably need to start at the beginning of the manual that is provided with your KN7000 and slowly work your way through it; because you must be right at the very start of finding out what the keyboard does to help you play it better.
It is a fairly long process but well worth it once it all starts to make sense - good luck and enjoy your playing!
Roger M
Posted by: Gunnar Jonny

Re: One Touch Play - 02/17/05 02:15 AM

Guess you're right Roger, but because I always use to read
the manuals carefully myself, I asume that other users do
that as well.
And when speaking of manuals, Alec's "How to" etc. is still
great additions to make you learn a lot more
Posted by: lahawk

Re: One Touch Play - 02/17/05 06:20 AM

Reading the supplied manual may really confuse you.

Get Alec's Book's and/or Video's

Larry Hawk
Posted by: Bert Aarts

Re: One Touch Play - 02/17/05 07:21 AM

To my knowlegde OTP is always the same setting as MSA variation 2. I do not understand the extra feature of OTP because just pressing MSA and variation 2 takes less time. Am I correct?
Posted by: Anonymous

Re: One Touch Play - 02/17/05 08:02 AM


I do not use OTP but in looking at page 61 of the manual it does as you state plus APC, Syncro & Break, and more are set up and are not when you select MSA, Variation 2.

Might start using it myself.

Fran in Florida
Posted by: dpeisic

Re: One Touch Play - 02/17/05 08:13 AM

Thanks you all for your reply!

I have the user manual and the How do I do that and Get most of your kn7000 book.

I reviewed the How does Tecni-Chord work at page 15.
At the 3rd section from the botton, it says paress and hold the One touch Play. and I was wodering hoe the OTP function with conjunction to the How does Techinichord work secion in the book.

Any elaboration on that OTP subject is greatly appreciated.

Posted by: Anonymous

Re: One Touch Play - 02/17/05 08:40 AM


Further investigation, I find that MSA and variation 2 does the same as OTP.

Save one button in set up but lose it with the wait in holding OTP.

Fran in Florida
Posted by: dpeisic

Re: One Touch Play - 02/17/05 09:42 PM

Hello all.

Do you mean while holding MSA press at the Vari 2. It is the same as pressing on OTP.

Pressing on OTP saves the setting. What I am not totally clear is, how do I recall the setting that I already saved when previously pressed on the OTP in a certain rhythm group and vari?

Thanks vey much,
Posted by: Smithy

Re: One Touch Play - 02/19/05 06:05 AM


As far as I'm aware, I believe that OTP is mentioned on the Technichord page, because some of the OTP settings that the KN bring up, will include the Technichord turned "ON", therefore it is mentioned on the Technichord page, should a new user notice the panel light on, and not know what it refers to.

I'm not totally sure what you mean by settings you have previously saved on OTP, as only in the Custom rhythm section are you able to create your own OTP settings, however, if you for example, pressed OTP on the "House" rhythm, and saved it in a panel memory, then you choose another rhythm, and press OTP, you can recall the "House" OTP by simply pressing on the appropriate panel memory button.

Hope this helps, and I haven't got the wrong end of the stick!
Posted by: dpeisic

Re: One Touch Play - 02/19/05 10:25 PM

Hello all,

So, in order to save a rhythm into the panel memory. I have to press on the OTP and than to save it in the panel memory. Is it a correct statement?

Also when using Easy Composer I notice that I first have to press the OTP after choosing the desired rhythm. Does the OTP has a roll of locking the rhythm for being able to alter the rhythm in the easy composer?

Also notice when pressing the OTP on a selected rhythm, short name appears on the screen for very sort time. It is different from the rhythm name. Does the name (after pressing on the OTP) have any meaning?

Thanks for shading light on this subject.
Posted by: technicsplayer

Re: One Touch Play - 02/20/05 03:24 AM

1) only if you want to store the preset registration and tempo associated with that variation as a convenient starting point, otherwise you can just select any pattern and store in panel memory but for example the tempo you have at that time on the panel may be unsuitable for that style.

2) no, if you are referring to the various workshops in my book, doing this just sets up the conditions later to evaluate the new composer at a suitable tempo and registration etc once it has been created.

3) a style can be named and each variation within it can also be named. Since one touch play is obviously the default variation 2 setting of any style, the name is the same as that seen when looking at the style in the Music Stylist Category lists, i.e. second in the group of 4 variation names for that style.
Posted by: dpeisic

Re: One Touch Play - 02/20/05 09:11 AM

Thank you all for all the valuable information.