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Posted by: tony mads usa

Jumping in ... - 02/18/06 06:56 PM

... OK guys and gals ... here for your comments, critiques, etc. ...
"Under My Skin"

Posted by: Ted Rose

Re: Jumping in ... - 02/20/06 10:54 AM

Hey Tony!

Great song and marvelous rendition. Thanks for sharing. What keyboard do you use and what type of mic? (By the way, how do you record like that?????)

Looking forward to another contribution soon!

Ted Rose (of Jaybird "fame"?)
Posted by: tony mads usa

Re: Jumping in ... - 02/20/06 11:11 AM

Ted ... thanks you ... it's nice to know someone listened ...

For both gigs and recording I play a kn6000 and use a Sennheiser e-845 mic ... I feed both the kb and mic through an Alesis mixer (6 channel with effects, although on this I used a Peavey effects unit for the 'delay') ... the mixer plugs right into the PC and I use Acid Pro recording software ... very simple and easy ...
I used the "Easy Record" feature, but had 4 Panel Memory variations set for 'quick change' of instrumentation (voices) and addition of percussion pads (Latin 1 & 2 Pad Banks) ... the sax is the "Soft Alto Soloist" which I love ...
many thnx, agn ...

PS ... the mixer ... http://www.zzounds.com/item--ALEMM6FX


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