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Posted by: larry gosmeyer

More SD Space - 04/01/03 07:43 PM

After loading only about 60 sequenced songs into the 8mb SD supplied with the KN7, I get a message "SD is full".

I guess I need to use a larger capacity SD card. I am thinking about a 128 mb card - which should then take about 1000 songs before filling up.

What brand of SD cards will afford the 128 mb and will operate on the KN7000 and hopefully with the same software I already loaded into the KN7000.

Also what brand and kind of card reader will work with these SD cards?

I didn't think I would be out of space this early, but if I need a larger card then I will get one.

Your info will be greatly appreciated.


Larry Gosmeyer
Posted by: Poul-Henning

Re: More SD Space - 04/01/03 10:38 PM

Hi Larry.
After what I know, you don't need a special kind of SD card - just it matches. Find the cheapest. I brought with me the card and looked at a photo store, and bought a 128 Mb card for about $800.00 here in Denmark.
I have two now, but soon I'll have to buy one more or change to a bigger.
Good luck in finding your card.
Musical regards

Posted by: technicsplayer

Re: More SD Space - 04/02/03 02:19 AM

if you'll forgive the blatant plug, there are plenty of tips how to increase the number of files on sd in the book.

Since the sd format is pretty tightly specified, brand should theoretically be immaterial as long as you don't buy multimedia cards instead, which are slower, and where digital audio cannot be implemented.
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Re: More SD Space - 04/02/03 04:52 AM

Alec's book is a must have for the 7000. I read it and picked up a wealth of information. Everytime I look for an answer to a problem I find something else that I missed on the first reading (this could be my old brain ).

I wish it were available when I got my 7000. The supplied CD and tips on organizing the SD files would have saved me weeks of work.


Fran in Florida
Posted by: lahawk

Re: More SD Space - 04/02/03 05:21 AM


When you think about "only" 60 songs on a 8mb card...think of how many would be on a floppy disk. Maybe 20 ? and Don't forget you can catalog those 60 songs into Folders, Favorites, and Medley along with pictures,etc. Thats a lot for 8mb.
I prefer 32 or 64 mg Cards for Technics and Midi files, mainly because they are less expensive. SDAudio (Jukebox) eat up space on your SDCard, therefore if you have many and would like to have them all on one card, you may opt for the 128 ,or even the 512 mb card. I heard that there is now a 1GB Card unreal..more songs then a radio station.

Larry Hawk

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Posted by: larry gosmeyer

Re: More SD Space - 04/02/03 06:53 AM

Thanks everyone.

I have ordered Alec's book and can't wait until it arrives.