"Holiday " by Andre Brasseur

Posted by: Giovanni

"Holiday " by Andre Brasseur - 04/15/07 02:14 AM

Hi Folks , i know it's a long shot but the forum usually comes up trumps !!
I'm looking for the sheet music or midifile of this organ music it was popular in the 60's /70 's played by Andre brasseur and was used by some Pirate radio deejays to introduce their shows .
I heard it on "Radio norfolk " my local radio station this morning !!
I've tried a search via goggle & music robot but cannot find a midifile .
Any help as always is most appreciated .
It's a warm sunny day here in Norwich so i'm off to spend the rest of the day on the Norfolk Broads !!
For any of our forumers in the USA do not get too excited !! the Norfolk broads is an area of natural beauty consisting of rivers
ideal for sailing /and fishing !!!!

Best regards to you all

Posted by: etwo4788

Re: "Holiday " by Andre Brasseur - 04/15/07 08:20 AM

GIOVANNI.... Could you hum a few bars? A line or two of the words might help. Which holiday? Is this something we Americans might know?

The song you sent me.... "All Kinds Of Everything" is still my favorite & my audiences always ask for it! Although it is written as a waltz, I play it to the Sirtaki...with piano & music box....on both my 7K & 6K....msa #4 at 120....is a fun piece! Thank you again for providing it.

Have a great Holiday on the Norfolk Broads!

Posted by: jd5live

Re: "Holiday " by Andre Brasseur - 04/15/07 08:37 AM

Hi Check your mail.John