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Posted by: Jean Olivia

Re T.V. output. - 02/13/02 07:53 PM

Could someone please explain to me in fairly simple novice- like language what a T.V. uotput would be used for on a keyboard. Also what is a U.S.B.? I am interested in upgrading from my K.N 5000 but would the sound be any better or different to the K.N. 6500. Maybe all the extras on the 7000 I would never use-I don't do gigs so a hard drive is'nt a must,and I believe the NX sound is on the 6500 and that sound would be comparable to my Roland G.S. sound,so maybe a 6500 is all I need.Also no-one mentioned the weight of the K.N 7000. Has anyone got the figures? Jean

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Posted by: Jupitar5

Re: Re T.V. output. - 02/13/02 10:32 PM

Hello Jean

USB( Universal Serial Bus), is a faster and more effective way of transferring data from one appliance to another (Like a Web cam, Camera, Printer connected to USB on your computer, (instead of "Parallel Printer for example) Read more about USB here Jean
How USB Works

For FAQ (Frequently asked Questions), you can read more about it here as well USB FAQ

The KN7000 looks like having USB, and you can transfer Data in this way. as for TV Output. Well, it looks to me like the feature that is on the Yamaha 9000, and that is the ability to output your lyrics (tune 1000 disks etc) from the KN7000 onto your TV. If you don't do "gigging", and have no use for a Hard Drive, or perhaps TV output, ...and if the KN7000 doesn't come with a "Great deal" more than the KN6500, then the KN6500 is definitely ample for you IMO (in my opinion). We shall have to see what happens as regards the KN7000.


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Posted by: Gunnar Jonny

Re: Re T.V. output. - 02/13/02 11:20 PM

Hi Jean Olivia.
As you know, it's always nice to look at "Jerry Springer" or "Ricky Lake"
when we play our keyboards....

Seriously, what I've seen is that the TV-out is used to sendt lyrics to a
TV monitor. Other keyboards as i.e. Ketron SD1 already have it, and it is
a common way for artists to read the lyrics these days. Besides of that,
you can also use the keyboard as a karaoke-machine when play the midifiles
with lyrics.

USB is a newer and faster way/standard to connect the keyboard to other
hardware equipment such as i.e. a PC and CD writer etc.
If you see a cable among your PC stuff who have a "little square thing
with a hole in the middle" in the end of it, and not a lot of pins or
small holes like the "old" printer cable, it's most likely used for a USB
"Firewire" is also mentioned regarding to faster "lines" between different
equipment as a competitor to USB.

The KN6500 is better sounding than a KN5000, and a KN7000 will probably
sound even better, as every new model in the future will.
They call it evolution, or is it development, and as long as there are new
models coming, there will always be new things to tempt us
I guess it's only the personal needs and bancaccount who deside if it is
"nessesary" to upgrade.

The NX sound is a "Technics thing", and are not comaptible to GS as far as
I understand it. GM2, GS and XG (Yamaha) is a extended function to General
Midi who give the users some more possibilities than standard GM and now
the two "big guys", Roland and Yamaha have an agreement on that they will
make a common standard out of GS and XG for a new "world midi standard".
256 voices instead of GM's 128, more flexible sound parametres etc, etc.

The weight?
My guess is that they are trying to keep it as low as possibleb but if it
increases like my weight have done lately, I'm afraid it's not going to be
too easy to carry around anymore....
Posted by: technicsplayer

Re: Re T.V. output. - 02/14/02 02:15 AM

if you look at what the competition has available the TV function was originally used to output lyrics, in a not very good quality, acceptable only if they filled the screen.

However it would seem likely that with enough video memory it should be possible to output the keyboard screen at reasonable resolution. Since we are most likely to have a rolling music score facility on the next big screen, this would be a prime candidate for TV viewing, and maybe much more useful than just lyrics.

I don't know where Jupiter could possibly have got the idea that the 7000 will have usb.

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Posted by: Jean Olivia

Re: Re T.V. output. - 02/15/02 01:07 AM

Thank you Jupiter, Jonny and Alec for your replies. What a wonderful site you recommended Jupiter- I'll be spending lots of time there. I'm especially interested in "How the brain works" at the moment.I think I can live without a T.V output but it does look as though a USB is a future "MUST".Can it be added on to a normal keyboard- it seems it can be added to a computer.Speed and distance is not really a prime requisite for me, although I get impatient with the K.N 5000 as it takes so long to load a selected song. On my Roland G 800 I can load a disk with more than a dozen songs on it and select and play any one of them with one quick button selection- no separate loading. Why the difference? I suppose each keyboard has its pluses and minuses and you cant have everything, The Roland requires speakers and with 76 keys is too heavy and won't fit in the boot of the car.I like the 76 keys as I use the upper split quite a lot.Nice to put all those fills in with a gloc.Tecnics wins hands down for backup and further understanding and I love the Magazine. Cheers Jean.
Posted by: technicsplayer

Re: Re T.V. output. - 02/15/02 03:07 AM

Hi Jean,
the equivalent on your 5000 is loading just the sequencer file with 10 songs. These could be multitrack sequences like midi files or songs using the preset styles or custom section. Once the 10 songs are in memory they are quickly selected similar to the g800.
Also there is the midi direct play available which requires no loading time.

Both of these functions are improved on the 6000.

usb is an excellent system, I have camera, mp3 player, card readers, printer, scanner etc. Also a usb 2 hard disk which is the fastest communication possible at this time.
Posted by: Jean Olivia

Re: Re T.V. output. - 02/16/02 02:06 PM

Alec Hi. As I understand it. The Direct play feature is for S.M.F.s and I mostly use my own files at rehearsals. I thought I might get over the delay problem by putting my files in the song medley and using the "skip" function, but there is still a 20 second delay when you "skip".I never know in what order the files will be needed in early rehearsals. When things are finalised I record to minidisk and from then on its easy. I am reading all the posts on the 7000 but I think it may have too many advanced features on it that I will never use. I really think that "sounds and Styles" are more important to me for the work I do. so I may end up with the 6500. I am amazed at the knowledge of all of you experts- I wish I was eighteen again --Isn't that a song?? Jean.
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Re: Re T.V. output. - 02/19/02 02:00 AM

I also meant 10 technics songs in the sequencer at one time. These can be be selected just by scrolling through them on the sequencer page, and involve no extra disk time lags.

when you have finished one song, save it, then select song 2 and record from there. then save the new file with 2 songs and next time load this and record into song 3 etc etc.

I am still 18... in my head!
Posted by: Jean Olivia

Re: Re T.V. output. - 02/19/02 03:30 PM

Alec. I'll spend some time studying this- I don't think I've understood it properly.Thanks again for your help.Cheers Jean.
Posted by: BEBOP

Re: Re T.V. output. - 02/19/02 07:24 PM

Many years ago there was a keyboard brought to market by General Music that had an outlet for a monitor that displayed the music and the lyrics. It was a big flash in the pan at the show but soon died from lack of interest.
Posted by: Jean Olivia

Re: Re T.V. output. - 02/19/02 09:34 PM

Alec. Im not sure that i understand exactly what you mean, but I thought I would start by getting 10 songs into the "SEQUENCER SONG SAVE" as on page 123 of manual. I referred to Bobs how to on Jonny's site and I think I can see how that works. the problem today was that I loaded songs from different files as I wanted a file that didn't matter if I messed it up, but the songs had different numbers and that caused complications. I'll try again and play the songs in and number them as I go.Once I get them in successfully I'll try to work out what you mean. My old brain has gone into "pause "function and will need to recover before I press "replay" Maybe we could have a workshop on this aspect of the K.N.5000? I cant understand what you mean by saving two songs on one file - I cant find any details of that anywhere. Thanks for your help- you keep steering me in the right diredction, Jean.

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Posted by: technicsplayer

Re: Re T.V. output. - 02/20/02 01:25 AM

Hi Jean,
a normal performance save (without using page 3 of the save or load options) saves a single song in the sequencer with the other 9 song positions empty.

You can use the page 3 save option to save songs singly, which you can then load to any of the 10 song positions in the sequencer, thus enabling 10 existing songs to be loaded in one sequencer file, without having to play them in from scratch.

So first save singly, then load to a specific song position. If you have just used presets there is no problem, if you use composers etc this needs to be planned in advance to have all the other areas of the panel with the correct information for each song ie put patterns in the custom, arrange sound edits sequentially in the sound memory as youuse them etc.
Posted by: Jean Olivia

Re: Re T.V. output. - 02/20/02 05:50 AM

Thanks Alec. I will start again. I had a bit more success the second time but realise now i was trying to use 3 songs but all with the same composer pattern.Ill try again with normal presets. One thing about all this experimenting is that you do get to know the keyboard but I wonder what percentage of owners use these more advanced features.Jean.