Posted by: Anonymous

KN5000 - 12/23/99 10:25 AM

Hi I'm selling my KN2000 and i want to purchase a KN5000. I have seen the Kn5000 selling as low as about 1600 and that is where my budget is right now.

Please respond to me with information regarding the kn5000.


Posted by: GaryArmstrong

Re: KN5000 - 01/03/00 01:39 AM


Where can you buy a KN5000 for around 1600? I've never seen one priced that low. Street price here in Georgia is around $3500 to $3900. I paid over half that amount for a disk drive. If there's a source that cheap, I'd like to know about it, I have several friends that would like to buy one, but can't afford it. At $1600 they could buy.