KN5000: A Hole(ly) QUESTION

Posted by: Scottyee

KN5000: A Hole(ly) QUESTION - 12/03/99 02:19 PM

Hi all,

I know the Holiday season is upon us, but I'm not trying to get religious with this question.

I noticed that there are "two (top and bottom) sets" of holes on the back of the the KN5000 for inserting the KN5000's music stand into. I assume this is to give you two choices of heights for the stand to be placed at.

note: I don't use the KN5000 supplied music stand anymore because the plastic rack that clips onto the metal frame doesn't stay on very well anymore. Anyone else experience this?

MY QUESTION: What are the vertical indented areas (situated between the "top left and bottom left hole " and "right top and right bottom hole" made for? Is there perhaps another custom music stand you can buy which uses all four holes in addition to the vertical indented areas to mount a larger KN5000 specific music stand?

Thanks in advance for all feedback and comments.

- Scott

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Posted by: TomTomSF

Re: KN5000: A Hole(ly) QUESTION - 12/04/99 02:48 PM

Hello Scott
Yeah, the music rack for the KN5 is adjustable in height. That's because when the display angle is all the way up, you need the added height on the music rack in order to turn pages - else they hit the display.
I don't know what those 2 vertical slots between the top & bottom holes are. They have a piece of plastic in them. Not sure - the manual doesn't say anything about this. And the picture of the music rack in the manual (page 8), looks a little different than my rack.
And yes, it's flimsy in construction.
Posted by: Scottyee

Re: KN5000: A Hole(ly) QUESTION - 12/04/99 11:13 PM

Hi Tom,

Just checked my music rack and it looks the same as the one illustrated on page 8 of the KN5000 user manual. I'm just curious how your music stand differs.

- Scott