Posted by: Bernie9

SPEAKER VOLUME - 04/01/03 12:27 PM

I prefer the sound of the 7000 without external speakers, but, I am somewhat conscerned about volume levels.

I certainly don't want to blow a speaker. Normally it is not a conscern, but,some midi tracks have some pretty thunderous bass.

Does anyone know of the chances for damage ?
Posted by: Anonymous

Re: SPEAKER VOLUME - 04/01/03 12:39 PM

The only damage I have suffered is to my feelings , when my wife shouts , TURN DOWN THE VOLUME.


Fran in Florida
Posted by: cees

Re: SPEAKER VOLUME - 04/01/03 12:53 PM

Hi Bernie,
about the damage (besides Fran's feelings ) I have never heart. I use very often the internal equalizer (-PROGRAM MENUS - REVERB & EFFECT - EQUALIZER -ON) with or without external speakers. If you give this feature a try, you will be surprised about the result of the output.
(I have set the most used equalizer setting in the custompanel and/or include the setting in my song records)

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Posted by: Bernie9

Re: SPEAKER VOLUME - 04/01/03 01:33 PM

Hi Cees

I am not the techno wizard you are,but ,have no doubt that one can tweak the sound through the equaliser to back off the bass,which I shall try.
However, my question is one of possible physical damage to the speakers, and possible warranty just for starters.

I am afraid I am banished to the earphones by my wife when I get carried away.

Posted by: Douglas Dean

Re: SPEAKER VOLUME - 04/01/03 05:03 PM

Bernie, you got the wrong idea. I got an old set of phones I cut the wires off of. When I play too loud for her I got her trained to put on this set of phones. Ruthie says they keep the sound out nicely.

Not so dumb, Grandpa Doug
Posted by: Walt Meyer

Re: SPEAKER VOLUME - 04/01/03 08:49 PM

Poor Ruthie!
Say hello from Georgiana and I, (and I don't believe a word you say, or you'd be eating those old headphones and they don't digest worth a darn.