More Songs

Posted by: larry gosmeyer

More Songs - 08/23/07 03:31 PM

Just uploaded another KN7000 arrangement on page 10 of my site in the KN7000 section with the usual WMA versions on the bottom of the page.


Posted by: Retired

Re: More Songs - 08/23/07 07:32 PM

Hi Larry,
I am one of those members, who do not post very often,
but I always listen to your music, and think what a great
talent you have.

I apologise for not thanking you often enough over the years,
for showing me what a versatile keyboard the KN 7000 is,
in the hands of a talented person like yourself.

I downloaded Stardust when you recorded it for the KN6000,
if it had been a vinyl record, it would have been worn out by now.

Larry, thank you for your music.
Fred Wren
Posted by: Fran D

Re: More Songs - 08/24/07 04:57 AM


Once again, as always, great arranging and playing.

Fran in SC
Posted by: Caragabal

Re: More Songs - 08/28/07 04:08 PM


Beautifully crafted music which I have put in your special file.

Cousin Ken