KN7000 Comparison

Posted by: larry gosmeyer

KN7000 Comparison - 10/30/05 04:37 PM

I have read a lot of comments regarding comparisons between the KN7000 and other keyboard brands.

I assume that when it come to sequencing power, flexibility, ease of use, etc., that no other keyboard comes close to the KN7000.

Does anyone disagree with that assumption?


Larry Gosmeyer
Posted by: Fran Carango

Re: KN7000 Comparison - 10/30/05 05:23 PM

Yes, someone disagrees!!
Posted by: tony mads usa

Re: KN7000 Comparison - 10/30/05 05:26 PM

Larry ... I admit to not having owned any board other than a technics, but back in the kn1000 days I looked at a number of kb's and none was easier or more user friendly than the kn1000 ... I found this true of the kn6000 also, and when I see/hear owners of other boards complain about things their board does not do, and I know mine does, I have to figure it is more powerful as well .....
Posted by: Fran Carango

Re: KN7000 Comparison - 10/30/05 05:38 PM

Tony, I think a lot of it has to do with what we are comfortable with..
I have spent a limited time with the KN7000, so I am not as comfortable with it..on the other hand..there is not much I can't do with my relic, G1000..
Posted by: Craig_UK

Re: KN7000 Comparison - 10/31/05 04:42 AM

I agree with Fran. The G1000 is a superb instrument and has sounds and styles that can easily fit in with any type of music without over powering what you are playing.
The new keyboards are great but sometimes the styles have too much going off you have to edit them or mute parts. I would rather have too much and mute parts though than have nothing at all going off in the styles department like my ex Mediastation had.
Posted by: Anonymous

Re: KN7000 Comparison - 10/31/05 05:27 AM

Over the last six months I have been casually looking at the main opposition to the my KN7000 i.e. Roland G70, Tyros (1), and Korg PA1X and as of yet I haven't been suitably enough convinced that it would particularly be a change for the better but I would agree that they are all excellent K/boards. If I do change then I would probably opt for the Korg PA1X, Mainly I think it seems to be one closest to my KN7
as regards operation and also because they seem to getting their act together with the follow up support. I am sure the forum will probably convince me otherwise.
Peter B
Posted by: fmlk

Re: KN7000 Comparison - 11/02/05 10:32 AM

Hi Peter,

Regarding the PAX-1 I agree, when talking about the sounds and styles. I like warm ballads and fat rythms, The Korg Ketron and PAX-1 are really great. But the UI is a mess. It is not logic, but I must admit, that I am used to KN keyboards (had a 1000, 3000, 500 and now 7000) I have played on Tyros and the behaviour of the variations and fill ins is much nicer than KN7000, I must admit. But on average I prefer my KN7