Posted by: Technics Users Web

www.technicsusers.co.uk - 08/01/00 04:39 PM

I'd like to announce my return to the Technics scene. After a hard year I've decided to start up again. I'm not promising miracles, but if I can help just a little, then I will.

If you want to help out it's simple: donate any songs/styles/patches etc. that you have come up with, and offer your support for other users.

I'd also like suggestions for what you'd like to see on the new site: what can be improved over the old site, what should be kept etc.

- see www.technicsusers.co.uk for more information

Posted by: TomTomSF

Re: www.technicsusers.co.uk - 08/02/00 11:21 AM

I'd love to see your page take off. I miss my daily fix of Technics chat. It seems all the other Technics sites have gone to sleep. Maybe everyone already knows everything there is to know about their keyboards. I wish you luck with your site and will check in regularly. Thanks for your time & efforts!
Posted by: Bob Hendershot

Re: www.technicsusers.co.uk - 08/02/00 04:14 PM

Good to have you back, Richard.