searching For songs

Posted by: RFBarnett

searching For songs - 10/09/04 09:26 AM

Hi All,
I've been searching the net for ages looking for two songs,I read other forums reqesting songs , so I'd like to ask you all for these two songs.
I get songs going round in my head and can't stop untill I find them and learn them.
So here goes,.."Here comes summer" by Jerry Kellar, and "Wandering eyes" by Charlie Gracie.
Kn901user, Roy.
Posted by: Giovanni

Re: searching For songs - 10/10/04 12:50 AM

Hi Roy,
When i'm searching for songs and free midi-files in the SMF format ,I always use the following web site .

I also use a piece of soft-ware called midi connections (light4.0) available from BCK products they have a web site .

The light connections prog can convert the SMF to actually print out the music notation and even change the Key and also add all the correct chords !!!
I've stopped purchasing music from shops several years ago .
Good look in your search.

Posted by: Bernie9

Re: searching For songs - 10/10/04 03:21 AM

Hi Roy
I take a similar approach. I use Google and enter"name of song and the word midi. I have MidiNotate
which comes up automatically when I play any midfile with notation. You then can choose as a lead sheet,edit etc.

Posted by: Lindoz

Re: searching For songs - 10/10/04 03:57 PM

Hi Roy

Do you mean that song "Here comes summer" with Cliff Richards, probably from the late 50th?

Posted by: RFBarnett

Re: searching For songs - 10/11/04 03:21 PM

Hi Giovanni,Bernie9&Lindoz
Giovanni, Ive tried that Robot and a lot of others with no luck.
Bernie, Ilogged on to the site you sent,I found a short recording of "Here comes summer" it was nice to hear it again, but still no chords oe lyrics.However the site looks useful, so I've put it in my fav's for future reference.
Lindoz, that song is by Jerry Kellar, Ican't say I've heard old Sir Cliff recording it, but he may have.
I'd like to thank you all for trying to put my mind at rest,but the search goes on
Posted by: Bill Norrie

Re: searching For songs - 10/11/04 04:02 PM

Check your email Roy.......